Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive from clients preparing for their hunts:

What size shot should we buy and what kind?

It ultimately depends on what we are hunting.  For early season duck hunts (teal, and Sept/Oct mallards) we recommend 4 shot. As we move later into the year and birds are getting their winter down we transition to 2 shot.  For Geese we recommend a fast load BB.  We like something that’s going to have an average speed of 1500 FPS or faster.

Will a 20 gauge take down a goose?

Yes.  We take out countless youth hunters that kill their first birds with us with a 20 gauge shotgun every year.  We recommend 2 or BB shot size.

How many people can you hunt?

We like to keep a group of 6 together. If you have a  group bigger than that then you may be split up and sent to a different location with another guide. If conditions are favorable, meaning that their is enough birds and cover, then we are able to put up to 12 people together on a hunt.   . 

What are the bag limits?

Six ducks is the daily bag limit, which may include no more than two canvasbacks, two redheads, two pintails, three wood ducks, three scaup, and five mallards (only two of which may be hens). The daily bag may comprise six of any other duck, such as six teal, six gadwall, or six wigeon.

When is the best time to hunt?

The best time to hunt in our area is November- to mid February. In November we are getting new birds every day which means they are going to be hungry from migrating and these birds will not know the area as well as the local birds. In December there are always more birds in the area than we know what to do with, which usually means that hunting is great. January is always a blast as we are hitting the ducks hard before the season closes January 28th. February is for Geese and is always a fun time.   

How do I get a license and how much?

You can pick up license's at the local dollar store but to play it safe it is best to pick up your license's before you come into town. We usually tell clients to stop in one of these bigger cities  such as Emporia, Topeka, Kansas City, or Wichita depending on the direction you are coming in from. You can also buy all your license's except the federal stamp online at


Kansas in state Hunting License's-$27.50

Kansas in state Hunting License's under 16- Not needed 

Kansas out of state Hunting License's-97.50

Kansas out of state Hunting License's under 16-$42.50

Federal Migratory bird Stamp-$26.50

State Migratory bird Stamp-$10.00 

State Hip Stamp-$2.50

What do I need to bring?

I tell everyone to bring their gun, shells, and waders if you have them. Everything else we will need, from blinds to decoys, we have covered. 

Do you rent guns?

We do have a couple spare guns and do rent them out each gun rented will be a extra $50 per day. 

Can I bring my dog?

This is your hunt and if you want your dog to be their that is fine. But remember we have trained dogs that spend every day in the blind with us and we will not be held responsible for dog's ruining a hunt. 

Do you clean our birds?

We do clean each bird after every hunt with a cleaning fee of $2 per bird.

What airport should we fly into?

You have two airports to choose from, Wichita and Kansas City, with most people choosing to fly into Kansas City. 

What days do you hunt and how long will the hunt last?

We hunt every day and the length of hunt all depends on what we are hunting that day. Most of the time we will hunt in the morning, take a break to go eat lunch, and head back out for an evening hunt. Daily bag limits also becomes a factor on how long each hunt lasts. 

Do you combine parties?

Depending on each parties size determines if you will be combined. The more people you bring the less chance of your party being combined. If you do not want your party combined with another you need to tell us at the time of your booking.

Do you require deposits?

We do require a 50% NON-REFUNDIBLE deposit to ensure that you get the date you are requesting. Now your deposit can be used for another date in that waterfowl season.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your booking then you lose your 50% deposit fee as we have reserved this date for your party.



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