Our Mission

True Kansas Outdoors was founded in 2014 to introduce hunters to the joys of waterfowl hunting. Waterfowl hunting is our passion and we will work tirelessly to provide you with a memorable experience. To us hunting is not just a sport, it is the beauty of waking up before the break of dawn and the anticipation of what the day may bring, the friendships that develop as each hunt unfolds, and the stories that are shared for years to come. This is our goal day in and day out and we want every client that books a hunt with us to leave here with not only a smile on their face but with new friendships and stories that will last a lifetime.

TKO is located 10 miles south of John Redmond Reservoir and Coffey County Lake and 25 miles Southeast of Flint Hills Wild Life Refuge. The Neosho River also passes right through a number of our hunting properties. These bodies of water hold hundreds of thousands of birds each year. The reason that True Kansas Outdoors is such a hot spot for waterfowl is because the birds never leave during the winter time, as Coffey County Lake is a cooling lake for Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant and never freezes over. When other guide services are packing everything up and calling their clients to tell them that their birds have left the area we are usually heading to the store to buy more shells. 

Because of our location we are able to provide almost every type of waterfowl hunting experience. We have the capability to put our clients in dry fields, large watersheds, and unforgettable river bottoms. 


Book a hunt with us today and come see what all the excitement is about.


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